Français EnglishOn the past weeks, one by one, restaurants, pubs, theatres and their festive vibes and at last all the museums have open again ! Even most dance clubs are open depending on what regulation they depend on.

We are about to find again throughout are pages and calendar quite a lot of concerts and DJ sets. All the big temporary exhibitions we were going to miss are prolongated this whole summer, some times on top of the one scheluded too.

On the theatre scene, in Monaco, the Théâtre du Fort Antoine will play a lot more events as usual and in Nice the Théâtre du Cours and the L'Alphabet theatre have started again to schedule plays and even children events.
The TNN (National Theatre of Nice) is giving outsidedoor every night at 7pm readings, plays and concerts, free of charge.
Even more, the Conseil Départemental (local government) has scheduled 400 concerts and plays all over the French Riviera and this helps so much our local artists.

So the summer will be a full happy season, this was not a given as many event programmers such as pubs and restaurants aren't in brightfull financial state.

Dear local and visitor readers, The Riviera will be the good plan ! We will start to print again our magazine at the begining of this month. Rendez-vous in your usual pick up places for a special Summer 2020 issue on July 10th.

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