Français EnglishIn the night of May 11th, the government has published a new bill #2020-545 to forbid cultural and entertainment places to be open to public to replace the previous one that ended last night at midnight.

May 29th : see also 2020-548

This time, the government forbids museums, theatres, exhibition centers, bars and restaurants for good, effective forever.
This does not include art galleries (see here, in French)

Maybe you heard "on air" speaches of Tv journalists and - even more unreliable - of the French President, wich is even worse. This government gives itself the right to decide whenever and without parliament vote.
Even though, some museums and zoos might be allowed by the local government officer (Préfet). What place will the admistration choose ? What Art will be official and authorized ?

After a 2004 change in the law, this bill applies immediatly and not the day after publication as usual.

Up to now, three bills had be published to temporarily close places until a given date. In today's bill, the right of law is reversed for free trade, gatherings (church services are forbiden too), and cultural expression.

A full subway car, yes, an exhibition opening, no. Cultural freedom is a way to check an authoritarian regime.

In Italy, book stores were the only one allowed to remain open. In Germany, the first government subsidy to be decided was ¤50 Billions to help to cultural sector.

You'll find in our restaurants page, restaurants that are starting take away service. There are not many in this time of ruling uncertainty.

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