Français EnglishTo our friends tourists, this is a unic time to visit the Riviera !
All the bests hotels are available at best discounted prices, the best schedules exhibits have been rescheduled later this year on top of the one that were scheduled for now.

The best museums and monuments can be visited without crowd.

Most arline routes are open again ; Berlin, Frankfurt, Geneva, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Lisbon, London, Constantinople, Rome ...

As of September 28, 2020 local restrictions allow restaurants, museums, galleries and theaters to open and perform.

Bars are open until 10pm In cities like Nice where pubs tend to fill up at the time restaurants close, you have to get used to going earlier.

As of Sept 28th edict, restaurants can open until midnight.

The discos are completely closed like everywhere in France.

In the main cities of the Côte d'Azur, wearing a mask is compulsory on public streets and gardens except when seated on café terraces.

The playing of music is prohibited on the terraces but remains authorized in an enclosed space which allows concerts to be produced.

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