Français EnglishUpdated Nov 10, 2020.
Less than one week after a curfew has been put in place, the french president has made a suden change and decided a complete lockdown.

So, everything is canceled, closed. For these few past days, the whole world of theatres, restaurants, museums, movie theatres, shops have done a great and exhausting job to reschedule everything and deal with new worker's and artist's timetable. All of that for nothing. In the same time we followed this huge work and updated calendars et opening hours our websites. For nothing.

Restaurants are allowed to operate for take-away and delivery service. As of today, friday october 30th and first day of the lockdown, we have been in touch with them. Most are amazed and did not took any decision. Some close, some close for good as sounds farewell messages. Only two of them, the Bombay Palace in Nice and the Brasserie du Printemps in Cagnes-sur-Mer do open. We list take away restaurants on the calendar coumn in our restaurants page. You may anytime advise us about restaurants opening service on our contact page.

So, avoid the french Riviera. In the Principality of Monaco a curfew 8pm to 6am starts Sunday November 1st.
On the Italian Riviera, there's starting Nov 11th a lockdown for bars and restaurants on top of a curfew 10pm-5am..

Throughout and please keep in mind that :
- everything in France is closed and canceled
- most events in Monaco past 8pm is rescheduled at 6pm or 6:30pm.

Information and updates on what's happening in Italy :
The Local it (Ang.)

Information and updates on what's happening in Monaco:
(It.) (Fr.)
Video announcement of cufew in Monaco by HSH Albert II

It'll take several days to update everything on this website.

This article will be updated as soon as we know about any change.

For this second lockdown, we will deny announcement of online events as I considerate it an opinion approval.

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