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They all are getting ready ! After quite a successfull opening to a take away service for many restaurants we advised you (see on page "restaurants"), it's big re-opening party this June 2snd.

Many took advantage of this period to minor repainting or big works, rewriting of menus and so on in places like the Latino in Antibes or the Groovin, l'Althérax Music, Le Swing, La havane in Nice.

About theatres, it's quite a surprise. Most of them don't schedule anything yet. So the complete calendar of the Théâtre du Cours published today for plays as soon as June 3rd is quite a joy to see !

Update June 1st What says Law 2020-663 (read online)?

Restaurant & bars (Art 40, II):
People ... must have a seat ... One table must guests people having booked or came in together... distance 1 m ... between tables... except if there's a screen. IV: bear a mask at all time while not seated (geting in,...).

Theatres (Art 45, II, 1)
People must have a seat.../... one seat is left free between group of guest having a common reservation or coming toguether... Except for artists, everyone must wear a mask.

To tell short, the french government has made a public statement to stop the phohibition to pubs and restaurants to open to public. It's not known for now what are the exact rules. But we can think that pubs will be able to welcome as many costumers they have chairs. Seating groups will have to let a 1-meter (3 feet) passage. So it'll be ok to be seated at a counter if it's 1m away from the next seating group... that wont be much people !
This will be good for pubs that have compartimented seating boxes. Any other seating configuration will have to respect a 1-meter free way between each table & chairs group... that means at least 2 meters between each table.

This is that big restriction that will apply to restaurants. To many authentic restaurants of historic centers such as in Nice's and Antibes' this will mean just 2 tables ! And some more tables outsides on sunny days !

No surprise, the french prime minister just omited to talk about live performances.

Dance clubs are still banned to opening.

The one very good news is also that movie theatres are promessed to be allowed to open back on June 22snd.

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