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Now, that going out from 6pm to 8pm is no more restricted, what about going shopping accross the border ?

After reading many press, private and government articles, both french or monegasque, the answer wasn't clear and sometimes in opposite opinion. It is to be said, that Italian laws are no less complicated that french ones in order to circumvent constitutional rights and international treaties.

So let's go on the Italian government official web site for entering Italy ;

As we have understood the italian rules :

We submitted a form that is available both in Italian and English, and as a result and after reading a whole bunch of unnecessary text that starts with "must self, declare, have a 48h test, must quarantine..." one must go to exception and finaly discover that, no, all those restrictions do not apply for "transit" of less than 36 hours. So you can go for a few hours in Ventimiglia.

But, as rules change very often about going to one city to another or to one region to another, we recommend you not to go further than Ventimiglia and its city limits which include Latte and Grimaldi.

This waiver is only valid for going there by personal means, your car or walking to there, so train and buses exclude this.
Also, it requires that you've been on the Riviera for 14 days and/or did not transit to countries listed as dangerous.

We recommend that you fill and print this form that will be a proof of your time of entry :

What tells
The Q/A in english :
Based on your answers, you can enter Italy
transit in a Country listed in List C in the previous 14 days .../... quarantine, test, and so on...
b) any person transiting, by private means, through Italian territory for a period not exceeding 36 hours, with the obligation, at the end of that period, to leave the national territory immediately.

This Q/A form is there :

Have a nice shopping day, and remember to leave soon enough to be back home by 8pm !

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Sorties et Shopping


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