Français EnglishSo the story against culture and our society isn't finished yet.

Told last Monday to be effective this Friday, the administration closes night clubs. It's those dance floors such as the Oméga and the Carré-Trendy that remain open after 5am.

In the other night places we like to gather, it's dance that is forbidden. It's places such as restaurants, pubs and night bars that are open until 2:30am or 5am. Bands and singers must now say goodbuy to most of their jobs. Farewell New Year's Eve out, one must enter clandestine home party.

For most restaurants that were scheduling New Year's Eve parties, the news isn't such a surprise. Some pubs managers and other music places are even aware of worst announcements to come.

Night clubs have been the aim of gouvernements and when they reopened in July helped the administration to convince youngsters to get a vaccine shot. They are also the places along with night bars and restaurant allowed to open beyond 12:30am where regulation about securyty and air flow are the most restrictive and the most enforced. The feeling of unfairness is strong.

So, the edition of dec 17th Excès Magazine is Canceled. As of today, no more anyone can schedule with certainty anythio,g beyon the next three days. You'll find out on our website calendars many 31st theatre events with a cup of Champagne. One idea to put ourselves out of this sorry time.


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