Français EnglishStarting Saturday May 16th, the exhibition of Pierre Soulage at The Espace Lympia is open back to the public.

This outstanding exhibit gather 72 artworks of the artist out of wich 25 paintings rarely shown to the public.

Visits are free but only with a reservation form to apply here :
or by email (galerielympia à or by phone +33 4 89 04 53 10

The online virtual visit remains available at

L'Espace Lympia. musee, Galerie. Port de Nice

L'Espace Lympia

Musee, Galerie

Fermé les lundis et mardis ainsi que le mercredi matin

52, Bd Stalingrad
Port de Nice

Tél. 04 89 04 53 10
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