Français EnglishSince the early 1900s the place has been the host of exhibits, conferences, concerts and plays.
In 2018, the exhibition space has been dedicated to the Jean Ferrero collection. 853 art works of César (37), Arman (48) and Ben (33), of important contemporary french artists and of the "Ecole de Nice" such as Claude Gilli, Robert Malaval, Bernar Venet, Serge III, Edmond Vernassa, Pinoncelli, Albert Chubac and more.

L'Artistique - Espace Ferrero. Salle d expositions, musee. Nice

L'Artistique - Espace Ferrero

Salle D Expositions, Musee

Ouvert du mardi au samedi de 10h à 18h

27, Boulevard Dubouchage

Tél. 04 97 13 47 70
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