La Fondation Marguerite et Aimé Maeght est une fondation privée située à proximité du village de Saint-Paul de Vence, à 25 km de Nice, entièrement conçue et financée par le couple Aimé et Marguerite Maeght. Ouverte toute l'année, la Fondation Maeght accueille près de 200 000 visiteurs par an, dans un ensemble architectural unique conçu pour présenter l'art moderne et contemporain sous toutes ses formes.

Plein Tarif 2019 : 16€
10-18 ans : 11€


Until Sunday 22nd November

(Previously scheduled From Saturday March 28th to Sunday June 14th ) Exposition.
New date !Jacques Monory
Français EnglishFrom July 1st to November 22sd, the Fondation Maeght is presenting the first monographic exhibition dedicated to Jacques Monory since his death in 2018, thus paying tribute to him. Simply entitled “Jacques Monory”, the exhibition presents sixty years of his career and revisits the work of this major Figuration Narrative artist, in constant tension between modernity and the singularity of the blue that made him famous..

Out of all the Figuration Narrative painters, Monory was no doubt the only one to be fully narrative. Sometimes hyperrealist, the enigmatic scenes that he painted and juxtaposed to form a sort of haunted diary of a painter who questioned the world's reality every day. The blue that made him famous, whether monochrome or with other colors in the spectrum, is the color of this doubt. It acts as a dreamlike veil and establishes a certain distance.
Borrowing from the cinema - and notably the thrillers of the 1950s - as well as from photography and imaging, Monory's painting, frequently in large formats and often including objects, forms a sort of accelerated carrousel, sometimes with nearly ecstatic stasis: urban landscapes and wide expanses of nature, romantic visions and dramatic images from the news or contemporary history alternate with each other or come together. Fundamental pessimism, tinted with dark humor, coexists with a fascination for the void.
Monory does not give any lessons, he questions himself and he questions us: how do we live in a violent, unreasonable, illogical, surprising and often fake world? His painting, which reflects a modernity whose violence he conjures up by letting it run wild, comes back to us today like a slap upside the head, like a very long film from which we would like to be able to isolate each frame while letting ourselves get swept away by the power of his merciless editing.

The opening is scheduled July 1st submited to administration and government approval.
From Tuesday June 1st to Tuesday August 31st 2021
(Previously scheduled
Until Sunday 22nd November )
New date !Les Giacometti
Un événement unique en France avec l'exposition « Les Giacometti » qui mettra en lumière la célèbre famille d'artistes originaire du village suisse de Stampa. Autour d'Alberto Giacometti, le plus connu pour ses sculptures emblématiques filiformes, le public pourra découvrir le travail de son père Giovanni et de son cousin Augusto, tous deux peintres, mais aussi de ses deux frères, Diego son cadet, sculpteur et designer, et Bruno le plus jeune, architecte. Cette exposition offrira un panorama original de cette dynastie artistique..

Illustration : Alberto Giacometti, Buste de Diego, 1954. Bronze, 26,5 x 20 x 11 cm. Collection Fondation Maeght..

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