Français EnglishTo fund the edition of his next book "Il était une fois... Chendrillon" (One upon a time, Chendrillon) a french riviera and modern re-writing of the famous tale Cinderella, the artist Jérémy Taburchi is launching a fund rising on KissKissBankBank.
One can for just €10 pre-order the book or add more to get not only the book but also a framed Chat Rose (the famous pink Cat) and a digital portrait of yourself the "pink cat way" for just €50.
On >>> KissKissBankBank until Septembre 9th, 2020.

 Jérémy Taburchi. Artiste Peintre et plasticien.

Jérémy Taburchi

Artiste Peintre Et Plasticien
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