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Retrouvez sur cette page des événements d'artistes, de conférenciers de la Côte d'Azur diffusés par internet.

Find here events from artists and other cultural actors of the Riviera local life that are broadcasted on line


Until Thursday 11th June
Carl Dahl & Jeff Bertoncino : A journey through the stars
Français EnglishThe exhibition, organised on the initiative of Mikhail Nefedov for the Club of Foreign Residents of Monaco, was to bring together recent works by the two American artists Carl Dahl and Jeff Bertoncino. Initially scheduled from 27 May to 8 June 2020, this event had to be cancelled due to the current exceptional circumstances.
We were all looking forward to this great opportunity to show in Monaco these two outstanding artists with whom Bogena Galerie has been working for a long time.
Also, as a preview, still in collaboration with Mikhail Nefedov, we wanted to unveil to you the works of the exhibition through our virtual gallery on Artsy and also let you enter their respective studios, where creation is born.


Carl Dahl's work is a reflection of his childhood and life in the Arizona desert where the raw, white-washed, sun-beaten landscapes and dry winds contrast with the ephemeral beauty of wild flowers. This opposition between the brutality of the desert and the struggle for survival of its inhabitants has become for Carl Dahl the metaphor of the human condition. He expresses in his sculptures the fragility of life and our ability to transcend ourselves to find beauty and our own inner freedom.
Now living in the remote mountains of Arizona, Carl Dahl's new series marks the beginning of a new period in his art. Here he takes us on a metaphorical journey towards our inner self.
The artist opens his expression to new materials by integrating into his porcelain sculptures, elements of dyed textile, wood and leather, in an obvious reference to primitive art. The body, sometimes human, or animal, or celestial, is of a moving fragility, in balance between this world and the other. It is the same for these two delicate couples embodying the fusion of man with his guardian angel. For the first time, Carl Dahl sculpts arms to this man whose only use is to cover his ears to better rise above the world and connect to his own interiority. The artist thus delivers to us, in sequences, the movement of detachment from the material to reach his deep "self", his ideal incarnated here by this angel, or by this leather winged horse, the ultimate figure of perfection for Carl Dahl.
The angels then adorn themselves with elements linked to the earth: pieces of wood, woven leather wings, hollowed-out metal frames... The figure becomes more complex, more raw, more primitive, in an assumed fusion of the human and the celestial. These angels evoke a New World where humanity and spirituality become one.
The horse, an emblematic form of the artist's work, is also present in this exhibition. Embodying perfection and beauty, the muscles and expressions of this animal are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Carl.

Jeff Bertoncino's works are visual enigmas that mystify, challenge and surprise the viewer. The multiplication of materials, layers of paint, paper, gold leaf allows the eye to wander over the surface of the painting, without any possibility of tracing its origins. The artist is an alchemist from whose matter more or less defined forms "emerge of their own will". Jeff's work is an experience in itself, forcing the viewer to think of Genesis.
In this new series, Jeff Bertoncino continues to explore his universe and reveals new mysteries. The artist takes us on a mystical journey, between light and shadow, towards a dreamlike elsewhere.
As Rudy Turk, Director Emeritus of Arizona State University, described it, "we are witnessing a derivation of the basic image: another silhouette, but of lesser importance, on or near the main silhouette; an extra arm or leg protruding from the main silhouette".
Jeff Bertoncino thus traces in his paintings a simplified, abstract imagery of man in strange distortions and juxtapositions. These metamorphic forms are not static but animated by a palpable movement, and sometimes multiply themselves on the same canvas, to embody the idea of a passage, of the body that remains where history fades away.
His new paintings explore a chromatic panel that he likes: deep blacks strewn with gold, variations of blues and greys... Colour is always used to intensify the hypnotic luminosity of his canvases..

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Until Saturday 25th July 7/7
A l'attaque de l'oursin vorace La compil EN LIGNE
Français English105 artists of the Riviera offer a video gallery of their art to let us wait until we'll be able to visit again their art galleries and show off places. Almost all of our favorite locals participitated.



The video lasts 15mn but the "visit" including the mause button lasts about 2 hours. .

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Until Sunday 23rd August EN LIGNE / NOW ONLINE

(Previously scheduled From Tuesday March 31st to Monday May 11th ) Exposition.
New date !Pierre Soulages, La puissance créatrice
Le corpus, présenté dans l'exposition, est composé d'œuvres provenant de collections publiques (musées Soulages et Fenaille, Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain PACA, MAMAC) et privées. Une quinzaine d'œuvres sont inédites. Le public pourra ainsi découvrir Peinture 202 x 143, 17.06.2008, Bronze III (il n'existe que douze bronzes de Pierre Soulages), ou encore une statue menhir chère à l'artiste, pièce archéologique quittant pour la première fois les salles du musée Fenaille (Rodez).
Une centaine d'œuvres de l'artiste a été sélectionnée pour intégrer un parcours visant à faire découvrir l'ensemble du travail de Pierre Soulages, d'un point de vue chronologique (de 1946 à 2008), pour suivre son évolution, et d'un point de vue technique, (peinture, bronze, lithographie, sérigraphie, eau-forte) pour valoriser sa diversité. Cette exposition mettra également en avant ses rencontres avec Pablo Picasso, Hans Hartung et Jean-Michel Atlan, sans oublier Léopold Sédar Senghor, avec qui il a développé une affinité spirituelle. .

Pierre Soulages, le maître de « l'Outrenoir » fait partie des rares artistes vivants qui transcendent leur discipline et les époques. D'une cohérence hors norme, son œuvre est sans doute une de celles qui aura durablement marqué les soixante-dix dernières années et sans doute les siècles à venir.

Son centenaire est à l'origine d'une célébration nationale avec l'organisation d'expositions dans de grandes institutions, comme le Louvre et le Centre Pompidou.

Pour participer à cet hommage, le Conseil départemental des Alpes-Maritimes propose une exposition inédite, « Pierre Soulages, la puissance créatrice », en hommage à son ami Léopold Sédar Senghor, à l'Espace culturel Lympia, où plus de cent œuvres seront réunies : peintures, œuvres gravées, bronze, livres illustrés. .

Mis à jour le 31 mars 2020 :
L'exposition et le catalogue sont désormais en ligne :

L'exposition en 3-d :

Le catalogue de l'Exposition :

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